Friday, 29 January 2016

Interview Preparation

Tell me about yourself:
1. You (My name is xxxx)
2. I am having x years of experience
3. I have worked on the technologies.....(list latest first)

Roles and responsibilities
1. Get requirements from (Architect or TL)
2. Create HLD
3. Review the document with Lead
4. create WBS
5. Code Implementation
6. Unit Testing

About your Project:
1. Business Rule
2. Technology Used.......(Like MVC5, C#, SQL, Web API, Log4Net,Web API 2.0 etc.)

Project Architecture
1. Application is created using DDD (Domain Driven Design)
2. Used Repository Patterns (ex: FT.Data)
3. Used Dependency Injection using Constructor level. (3 types: Constructor Level, Property Level and Method Level)
4. IOC (Inversion of Controls) using Ninjet